This page will contain more of my own work and Moray source MDL's within a few days.  The two links here will remain until the websites are gone... but that's not likely to happen anytime soon.  Until I have more to add.. you have my blessings to check out these awesome sites.

My Gallery (Currently 1 Picture)

Persistence of Vision Raytracer

A full-featured raytracer...  shadow, phong, fog, crand, specular, spotlight effects, just to begin.  Oh .. and it's free! =)

Moray Modeler

Currently the homepage of my favorite modeler for POV Ray.  Includes an easy to use 3D coordinate system and supports all the effects available in POV Ray.  Don't forget to also download a few of the extra plug-in's while you're there.  I especially like the animation plug-in.

I can probably save you a lot of time if you are checking out the other modelers for POV Ray, listed on their site.  Don't bother.  I've tested all currently available and found Moray to be by far the best.  The only things it lacks are a mesh editor and blob editor, but it can import both file-types.