Well... where to start.  My name is Nunya Biznes.  I live on Earth.  I eat Tacos, Enchiladas, Pizza, Hamburgers, Turkey, French Fries, and other American foods.  OOPS! .. ok .. I live in America.

I started programming on a TRS-80 Color Computer III with an incredible 64k memory! ... I was 9 yrs olde then.  This toy had no dos, but was pure Basic.  If memory serves me, my first game I ever wrote was a text-based RPG.  There was no hard drive, and this kid had no money for a tape recorder to backup the code... needless to say .. first power outage .. program gone ... me crying.

I believe I was 13 or 14 when I received my first PC... a 8Mhz Tandy 1000SL.  This one had an whopping 20MB hard drive and 640k memory.  I successful formatted my hard drive several times before I learned what Format meant.  A poor kid in nowhereville back then didn't have the resources to learn that kids have today!  Well, once I got the hang of this amazing thing called DOS 2.0, I found something I was familiar with... GWBASIC!!!  I found that it was amazingly faster and more advanced than what I previously dealt with.  I shortly rewrote my olde text RPG with something new.... graphics!  All my fun ended when one day I booted my computer and the screen told me to legalize Marijuana.  Virus programmers are lower than murderers. =(

Ok .. when I was ... ummm.. 18.. I got a 33Mhz IBM PS1 486SX.  I had my first hardware experience with this piece of crap.  I installed a CD-Rom drive .. 2x!! ... a math coprocessor chip.. and a 2nd 130MB hard drive ... just to have it die in 3 years!

Since then I've had Gateway 133Mhz piece of crap ... an awesome HP Pentium 233Mhz with a Voodoo 2... and my current system ... a generic 500Mhz AMD K6.  This computer rocks so far! .. 40GB HD, 128MB Ram, 52x CD-Rom, 8x4x24CDRW, and a 64Mb Voodoo 5500.  The only thing missing is a cable or DSL!

Well ... other than programming ... I was born in Texas .. moved to Ohio when I was 1... moved to South Carolina when I was 5... moved to Cali when I was 23.. and moved again 6 months later.  Ok .. I admit it.. I moved back to South Carolina!!  It's hard to leave this place ... *gags*

I learned to play guitar when I was 16.. and piano when I was 21... who says you can't teach an olde dog new tricks?!  I currently play punk/ska/alternative rock on guitar.. and classical on piano... oh .. and a few Ben Folds Five tunes of course!

Favorite bands... hrmmm.. Five Iron Frenzy.. Supertones "new stuff".. Stavesacre.. Crash Test Dummies.. LESS THAN JAKE!!!.. Marcy Playground.. Starflyer 59 ... Mangoo's stuff... any punk and ska pretty much... and a good portion of alternative.

Favorite TV shows..  don't watch it! ... but when reality bends a little... Babylon 5 and Excalibur are my favorite... seconded by Hercules... Whose Line is it Anyways? ... and Seinfeld.

Favorite Color(s) ... dark green ... dark brown .. black ... woodsy colors ... no flowers!

Favorite Movies... Battlefield Earth ... Matrix... Princess Bride... Willow... Me, Myself, and Irene!

Favorite Books ... "my  biggest pastime" .. anything by Fred Sabrehagen, Robert Jordan, Terry Goodkind, David Eddings, R.A.Salvatore, Stephen Lawhead, and almost anything else on TOR's label.

Well ... if you can read this then you must still be awake.  I'll shorten this later on .. and update it when necessary.  Until then....