Ah ... my favorite sites!!!

Here are the chosen few that made it in.

Lucky's VB Gaming Site

The best DirectX7 for Visual Basic game programming site on the net!  The Direct Draw tutorials are thorough, easy to understand, and they all include source.  Also, Lucky has a very active Forum which I recommend checking out.  Your question will always be answered there.

Persistence of Vision Raytracer

A full-featured raytracer...  shadow, phong, fog, crand, specular, spotlight effects, just to begin.  Oh .. and it's free! =)

Moray Modeler

Currently the homepage of my favorite modeler for POV Ray.  Includes an easy to use 3D coordinate system and supports all the effects available in POV Ray.  Don't forget to also download a few of the extra plug-in's while you're there.  I especially like the animation plug-in.

MSN Hotmail

An awesome free email site.  If you don't like checking your email in a browser, use Microsoft Outlook!

Tripod Free WebPages

Umm ... look at my web addy... I think you can figure this one out without any cue cards.