Man in looks empty in here! ... that will change soon .. I'm still designing the graphics..

The new web page is up.  I won't claim that this will one day be the biggest and baddest place on the net, but I will say that I will put most of my time and effort into attempting to make it so.

I will add sections as I have time to create them.  Until then, I will link to the best sites I know... with the permission of the webmasters.  Before going on , note that I have the following hyperlinks set up to release my frames entirely.  In other words, bookmark me now!

The three main sites I'm giving links for are:

Lucky's VB Gaming Site

The best DirectX7 for Visual Basic game programming site on the net!  The Direct Draw tutorials are thorough, easy to understand, and they all include source.  Also, Lucky has a very active Forum which I recommend checking out.  Your question will always be answered there.

Persistence of Vision Raytracer

A full-featured raytracer...  shadow, phong, fog, crand, specular, spotlight effects, just to begin.  Oh .. and it's free! =)

Moray Modeler

Currently the homepage of my favorite modeler for POV Ray.  Includes an easy to use 3D coordinate system and supports all the effects available in POV Ray.  Don't forget to also download a few of the extra plug-in's while you're there.  I especially like the animation plug-in.

Things should start getting good in here within the next week.  I plan on immediately adding the 3D Rendering, Guest Book, Links, Projects, and About Me pages.  The VB Tutorials and Forum shouldn't be long afterward.

Bookmark this site and check back weekly, you should notice serious changes every time you come.  I will confer via the Forum, once it is up.  Until then, my email address is