Well.. I'll fully admit that my own program is not yet ready for a meaningful BETA as of yet.  I can tell you this, though.  It's currently called XantyX and is a mixture of ZZT, Kroz, and Metroid.. I suppose!  Metroid.. in the fact that it's in a smooth side-scrolling format.  Metroid's just the first game that came to my mind!

When a BETA is ready, it will be uploaded with a level editor.

Also, I have a few idea sketches for an RPG... including how to perform the collision detection.  This will be more like FF9 than Dragon Warrior 1... with pre-rendered backgrounds.

I also have a rough space fighter written for DX7 "similar to Star Control"... I will most likely clean it up and dissect it for some of the tutorials on this site.  It'll still be able to be downloaded.... as well as the Moray MDL's I used to render the sprites.