Well, this is as plain as you can get for now.  Until I have a more tutorials written, and most likely even then.. I will give you a link to Lucky's VB tutorial page.  It doesn't get any better than this.... Enjoy!

Lucky's VB Gaming Site

WARNING! - Everything below this point is under construction and far from complete!
"Some parts will be cut short, and others will just be missing!"

I will give a few starter tutorials for the people who came to this site for the 3D rendering, and want to give Visual Basic a try.  Also, all of these tutorials are written with the purpose of writing DirectX applications, so there will be no reference to Visual Basic objects, except the main form.

Visual Basic Starters

DirectX7 Direct Draw

Before beginning with any of these tutorials, make sure that you have DirectX7.  You must also add DirectX7 for Visual Basic as one of your References.  For information on specifying References in a Visual Basic project, read this tutorial. (Visual Basic's Menu Bar)