A little about myself!

Well, my name is not of importance.  You can call me whatever you like.  For current purposes, though, Sphere suits me well.

I've been programming in one form of Basic or another since I was 9 years olde.  I am 24 now.  I've had a decent amount of computers in those 15 years.  A Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer 3, a Tandy 1000SL, an IBM PS-1 486SX, a Hewlett Packard Vectra Series 133MHZ Pentium I, a Gateway 233MHZ Pentium I, and now.. a sooped-up generic 500MHZ K6.

I've been playing around with 3D Rendering for the last 4 years or so on and off.  I started with Rhinoceros, and moved on to Moray shortly afterwards.  I still have yet to delve deeply into the abilities of Moray... but the little I have done suits my purpose fine.

Well now... not relating to this website, I play guitar.. mostly punk rock.  I do a little writing on the side "medieval fantasy".  I also love art.  These pretty much take up all my free time!

I am currently employed at Radio Shack in South Carolina as a Computer Technician and salesman.

Oh yeah .. here's my ugly mug!