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If this counter read the same thing last time you were here, then you were seeing things.

I'm in the middle of a major update graphic-wise on my site .. hence the patchwork look.  I have improved a little in 3D rendering since I began this site and wanted to show off a little of what I've learned.  Also, I will soon be hosting another site.. the Visual Basic Game Programming Web Ring.  I currently have 2 of the main graphics that'll be used, already rendered.  Here is a sneak peak.

Yup, another update!  I'm sure most of you are wondering who's taken over Sphere's website and actually put some content on it.  To you few who lost faith.. blah!  I am back, and will update this site more regularly now.  In fact, check out my 3D Rendering and Projects sections.  A new flier for my upcoming game has been added.  Ok.. ok .. not too big of an update, but at least you know I'm alive this way!

Well... it's about time!!!  Finally I have some Visual Basic tutorials!  Collisions Between Mixed Bounding Types by Brykovian and DirectDraw7 / Direct3D Hybrid Engine by Mateo.  Both are less than 2 weeks olde and are extremely well written.

My Projects section has been updated with my current status in the making of Xantyx and a prelude and picture of the game I plan on creating next. 

Also, I have added a few new pictures to the 3D Rendering section.  Recently I was hired to create and render the main character of an upcoming game.  An actual pay job!!!  =)   I will post a few select pictures of the main character AFTER the game beta is released, or a while after that "depending on what the author of the game asks."

If you are in need of some 3D sprites and have not the ability, time, or materials to create them; let me know.  I can render and animate pretty much anything with any light source(s), textures, and special effects (fog, halos, dust).  I can leave them in single BMP's, create sprite sheets, or create animated GIF's or AVI's.  File formats and color depth are not problems.

I've been a little busy with my programming as of late.  Things are going smoothly in that department.  Still, I've neglected this page in the process.  I plan on rectifying that mistake throughout the next few weeks.  I don't have much time for an update this second, but I will be adding more and more every night.  I may not upload it every day, but it will be at least once to twice a week.

A few new items that I didn't mention in the last News letter were two new links.

VB-Flux and Jedi Kitten's Page

Mateo is the brains behind VB-Flux and is quite a wiz indeed.  Download the newest game he's written for free.  Brick Blast is quite addictive!

Jedi Kitten is a friend of mine in real life and one cool chick =)

Also, I've completed a set of Graphical Text subroutines to be used in Visual Basic 6 DirectX7 DirectDraw Full-Screen game creation.  If you have no idea what that even means, just download the file open the self-extracting EXE.  Then double-click DDSurfaceFont.exe.  You'll see a demo of what I'm talking about.  So far, I've received nothing but compliments about the subroutines.  The Subs allows you to Zoom, Scroll, and make Wavy text with only one line of code.

Here is a link to download the Graphical Text Subroutines.

Last but not least.  I'm looking for original and high quality Midi's.  Don't know what a Midi is?  Then you probably couldn't help me.  Anyways, I will trade original 3D Art for original Midi's!

The 3D Rendering Tutorials have been updated... some would say completed.  The tutorials are found in the Moray help file, and are used with the full permission of the author.  More links have been added on the Links page.  Also, I had gotten a recommendation to add a background image.  I didn't want my page in the least unreadable, so I made it as faint as I could.  Hope you like it.

Some of the Visual Basic tutorials are currently in the works and will be uploaded within the next week or so.

Click the VB and 3D logo above to view a little info about myself.. including a sketch.

The new web page is up.  I won't claim that this will one day be the biggest and baddest place on the net, but I will say that I will put most of my time and effort into attempting to make it so.

I will add sections as I have time to create them.  Until then, I will link to the best sites I know... with the permission of the webmasters.  Before going on , note that I have the following hyperlinks set up to release my frames entirely.  In other words, bookmark me now!

The three main sites I'm giving links for are:

Lucky's VB Gaming Site

The best DirectX7 for Visual Basic game programming site on the net!  The Direct Draw tutorials are thorough, easy to understand, and they all include source.  Also, Lucky has a very active Forum which I recommend checking out.  Your question will always be answered there.

Persistence of Vision Raytracer

A full-featured raytracer...  shadow, phong, fog, crand, specular, spotlight effects, just to begin.  Oh .. and it's free! =)

Moray Modeler

Currently the homepage of my favorite modeler for POV Ray.  Includes an easy to use 3D coordinate system and supports all the effects available in POV Ray.  Don't forget to also download a few of the extra plug-in's while you're there.  I especially like the animation plug-in.

Things should start getting good in here within the next week.  I plan on immediately adding the 3D Rendering, Guest Book, Links, Projects, and About Me pages.  The VB Tutorials and Forum shouldn't be long afterward.

Bookmark this site and check back weekly, you should notice serious changes every time you come.  I will confer via the Forum, once it is up.  Until then, my email address is